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Filament Curtain

In different application

Textile Covering

Curtain in velvet

Bahnhofbuffet Brig
Perron 1 (Suhi & Salzmann)

Article Verona, Velours Trevira CS

Curtains for sound protection

• Nursery School ETH

Article Ambri, Velours Trevira CS (inside duvetyne)

• Stöcklin Küchenmöbelfabrik AG on Inhouse Concept GmbH's behalf

Article Streamer Pro by Annette Douglas

Blackout Curtain

Unser Bier, Basel

Article 3610 Tschung, Trevira CS

Duvetyne in colors

Museum Zurich

Article 1309, Duvetyne

Main Stage Curtain

Zirkus Knie

Printed Velvet

Hochbauamt Basel

Article Curia 150, Velvet

Fashion Run

For the Company INQUBATOR Ltd


Chocolat Frey plc Visitor Centre

For the Company Nüssli (Switzerland) plc - Hüttwilen

Photo Booth-Curtain made by our Article Delimoon

Wind Barrier Curtains

For "Strozzi's Rosticceria", Design: cornelius de fries gmbh / interior design + scenography

Wind Barrier Curtains made by our Article Softie, enclosure made of natural nappa cowhide

Townhall Büren an der Aare

Windbreak Curtains made by our Article Verona, Stage Velvet with Glassclear PVC Film and Leather boarders

solar panel

articel Ceneri


Fasnachtszug Ewigi Opti-Mischte

Schweizerische Mobiliar Nyon

Auftraggeber: Witzig The Office Compagny AG

Material: Dekomolton farbig

Eulerstube Riehen

Acoustic curtains
Article Streamer Classic by Anette Douglas

Unternehmen Mitte

Curtain of our article Soda


Artikel Luigi

Party !!

For your next Black Light Party.
Art. KC 8187-031, CHF 14.70 /m

Objekt Immotip Wettingen

Manufactured with WOOL LUX and Mika