Baselworld 2019

Bedruckte Fadenvorhänge

Projektarchitekt: dany waldner ag
Fotos: Alexandre Kapellos

Private Flats

• Curtains made by the Article Suko CS by Nya Nordiska

• Panel Curtains made by our Articles Norin & Roel

• Overlying Curtains made by the Aricle SINFONIA VI by Création Baumann

• Curtains made by the Article 855 by drapilux

• Porch made by the Article Levina

art 46 - Year 45

For the MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG - supervised by PanteraPantera

Installation made by our Article "Fadenvorhang"

Baselworld 2014

• For the company Flair

Ceiling Covering with Flowers - Piazza Hall 1.1 by our Article Ceneri

• For the company "Mikimoto" lead by Fürst Messebau AG

Realization of textile lampshades, custom made

• For the Company Carrera y Carrera; Design & Planning: Köhli Partner AG

Whole Stand-Covering made by our Article Curia 150, Ceiling-Cover (Stand) made by our Article 1309

Curtain Cinevox Neuhausen

A reproduction of an original curtain of Max Bill

Article Curia, Cotton-Velours

Vorstadttheater Basel

Printed-on Flags made by our Article 3610, Satin-Tschung

art 44

For the company richnerstutz AG

Ceiling Covering by our Article Ceneri

Fashion Run

For the Company INQUBATOR Ltd


Bernhard Theater

Former Federal Council Moritz Leuenberger in front of our House Curtain made by our Article Varese, Stage Velvet
(Photo: Karin Hofer / NZZ)

Burckhardt+Partner AG

Acoustic Curtains for the Cafeteria made by the Article Divina Mélange 2 by Kvadrat

Kantonsmuseum Baselland

Sonderausstellung "das Schwein", vom 3.3.2018 - 11.8.2019
Wandverkleidungen und Hänger aus Jute 12 oz

Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Stiftung Pro UKBB

Supervised by the company groenland.basel

Lampshades made by our Article 3523, Decor Fabrics

Main Stage Curtain

Zirkus Knie

Printed Velvet

solar panel

articel Ceneri

Curtains for sound protection

School for Health Münchenstein

Article 3610 Tschung, Satin Trevira CS

Diaconal Church Bern

Acoustic Curtains made by our Article 3610, Satin-Tschung

Rosenbergball 2015

On behalf of the company Creativatelier GmbH, Balloon Envelope made by our Article 3530, Tapestry.

Privat Chalet

Michael Gunti, Architekt,

Vorhänge aus:
Wide Wool / R

Wagner Vorhang

Kammerspiele Seeb

Article Ambri, Velours Polyester FR

Printed on fabrics

• Digitally printed Entry Curtains for the Cinema "Kino Grünegg" (Konolfingen), made with our Article 3610 - Satin Tschung

• Flags for the Thomas Knoell Galerie (Basel), made with our Article 3610 - Satin Tschung

CFF: Gare de Genève Cornavin

For the company ar-ter, Pictures: Olivier Zimmermann

sound-absorbing room divider made by the Article Streamer - "Silent Space" Collektion by Annette Douglas Textiles

Messe Luzern 2012

Bedruckte Fadenvorhänge

Curtain in velvet

Bahnhofbuffet Brig
Perron 1 (Suhi & Salzmann)

Article Verona, Velours Trevira CS

Gurten - Park im Grünen

For the company Showtech:

• Main Curtain & Side Curtain made by our article Verona, Stage Velvet
• Backdrop & Alley Curtain made by our article 1309, Stage Duvetyne

union - Kultur- und Begegnungszentrum

For the Set-Designer Philipp Berweger

Room-Curtains made by our Article 3610 (Satin-Tschung)

Party !!

For your next Black Light Party.
Art. KC 8187-031, CHF 14.70 /m

Quartierzirkus Bruderholz

Artikel Vira Bühnenvelours
Harlequin Standfast

Fotos: Tobin Meyers

Installation „Mzg, Mzg, Mzg… electronic music“

For "DIE KULTESSEN" at the Museum for Communication, Bern

Fins Curtains made by our Article Ceneri

Igeho 2015

On behalf of Huber AG - Exhibition Management, Stand of the Company Innoma

Lampshade made by our Article 3534, Double-Stretch

Hatovit K50

Oliver Gygli, Siebnen SZ

Thomas Knoell Galerie

Printed-on Flags made by our Article 3610, Satin-Tschung

Textile Covering

Townhall Büren an der Aare

Windbreak Curtains made by our Article Verona, Stage Velvet with Glassclear PVC Film and Leather boarders

Baselworld 2013

For the Company Dany Waldner AG

Filament Curtains for Windows towards the round-court - Hall 2.1 and 2.2 made by our Article "Fadenvorhang"

Curtain of chain

Theater Genf / Victoire de la musique

Openair St. Gallen (2002)

Article GM 18, Goblin Tulle by Cotton, 1'200 cm wide


Fasnachtszug Ewigi Opti-Mischte

Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW

Under contract to the building department and Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, General Contractor: ANLIKER AG
Architect: Morger Partner Architekten AG

174 Curtains as Room-Dividers, Anti-Dazzles, Soundproofings and Blackouts.

Fotographer: Valentin Jeck

© Hochparterre, 20xx

Hall Furnishing

For the Foundation "Obesunne" Arlesheim

Window Curtains and Stage Curtain made by our Article Starlit

> reinhören 2014 - Münsterplatz, Basel

Curtain made by our Article Softie, hemmed with our Article 3610 (Satin-Tschung)


Curtains made by the Article Streamer classic by Annette Douglas

Chocolat Frey plc Visitor Centre

For the Company Nüssli (Switzerland) plc - Hüttwilen

Photo Booth-Curtain made by our Article Delimoon


Borders made with the Article 119 by drapilux for the kindergarten "Eichhölzli" in Glattfelden

Cube for projection

Project Neuerdings

Article 3534, Double-Stretch

Unternehmen Mitte

Curtain of our article Soda

Projection on Fabrics

For the exhibition "Poetics of Relation", on behalf of LiveInYourHead (HEAD Genève)

Projectionsurface with our Article 3503, Calicot made by Trevira CS

On behalf of Martin Stützle, installation made with our Article 9121, Habotai Silk

Cover Material and Outdoor Fabrics

• Cushions by our own Creation

• Chair Covering by our Article Braxton

• Upholstery by our Article Kane (outdoor)

• Cushions made by the Articles Murcia & Huelva by JAB Anstoetz

• Cover made by our Article 8202, Awning Fabric


Highlight of the year in Basle - carnival


La Bâtie Festival de Genève

Article 1510, Calicot

Wind Barrier Curtains

For "Strozzi's Rosticceria", Design: cornelius de fries gmbh / interior design + scenography

Wind Barrier Curtains made by our Article Softie, enclosure made of natural nappa cowhide

Regent Lighting Center Zürich

Design and Photos by the Company ZMIK GmbH / Studio for Spacial Design

Black-Out Curtains made by our Article 3615 (Nightwhisper)

Tanzhaus Zürich

Black Curtain
Article 3610 Tschung

Objekt Immotip Wettingen

Manufactured with WOOL LUX and Mika

ineltec 2013

For the Company Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG, Stand Constractors: Boom Standbouw

illuminated Front mady by our Article 3611, Satin-Duvetyne (Trevira CS)

Kammerspiele Seeb

J.B. Design

Bench seat with a seat cushion made of our article Enno, hand-paintet, made by J.B. Design

Filament Curtain

In different application

Automobilsalon Genf

For Habegger AG

Circle made from Smoke-out-tissue, 100% Trevira CS

Two spinner

Lightning Bags

For the company Neuerdings

Article 3534, Double Stretch

Opernhaus Zürich

House Curtain and Portal made by our Article Varese, Stage Velvet

Picture: Andrea Helbling ©


Artikel Luigi

Artificial rust

Objects, treated with effectlacquer from Haussmann

Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Ausstellung Maria Eichhorn, Zürich

Zwölf Arbeiten / Twelve Works (1988 - 2018)
20. Nov. 2018 - 3. Feb. 2019

Material: Baumwoll-Köper

swissbau 2014

• For the companies Keramik Laufen AG & Similor AG

Standfacing by our Article 9025

• For the companies Swisspor AG & Eternit (Schweiz) AG, Planned by: Cadosch & Zimmermann GmbH Architekten ETH/SIA

Ceiling Covering by our Article 9025

Das Zelt

Das Zelt Productions AG
Art and Entertainment in the tent, Zurich

Material: Article Verona, in grey (col 84) und cream (col 12)

Feel-Good Floor Cushions

EWB - Energie Wasser Bern

Made by our Article Gloss Film

Club Zur Heilen Welt

For the Company Artgerecht ARCH Group GmbH

Wall Covering for the LED-Lightinstallation by our Article Ceneri

HATO®Tex Leuchtfarbe "visible"

Kirchengemeinde Fluntern ZH

Jubiläum AK 250 Jahre

Artikel: Star 959, in rot

Light + Building Space 2016

For the Fair Frankfurt in collaboration with jörg boner productdesign, Diffusor made by our Article 3571

swissbau 2016

For the companies Swisspor AG, Eternit (Schweiz) AG & Promat AG, Planned by: Cadosch & Zimmermann GmbH Architekten ETH/SIA

Ceiling Covering by our Article 9025

© photography: Jürg Zimmermann + MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

Hochbauamt Basel

Article Curia 150, Velvet

Theater Basel

Curtains made by our Article 238 by drapilux

Zürcher Kammerorchester

Opera Zurich

Different painted tulles (max. width 12 meter)

Re-Think the Eames - International Furniture Fair of Milan 2013

For HEAD Genève

Curtains by our Article 1309, col. 80 (grey)


Club/Lounge "Schuetzenhouse", Wangen an der Aare

Article 3610, Satin-Tschung


For the Company Stage-Conzept Showtechnik AG

made by our Article 3534, Stretch-Fabric

Duvetyne in colors

Museum Zurich

Article 1309, Duvetyne

Architekturmuseum Basel

Tulle in action

• Dance Theater Nürnberg

"The Sea is a Skin", Daniela Kurz

• For the company by Carole Favre

A scenographie through our Article 9141, Grating Tulle

sporthilfe - Super10Kampf 2014

For the Company Creativatelier GmbH, Design: Easy Productions

Cloth with Brand-Print on our Article Ceneri

Himmel auf Erden

On the company festix & bars GmbH's behalf:

Fabric Wall behind the scenery made by our Article 6811, elastic trimming cloth

Stage Curtains

For the Parish Thierachern

• Main Curtain made by our Article Verona
• Legs, Border and Cyclorama made by our Article 3611 (Satin-Duvetyne)

Acoustic Courtain

Article 3610 Tschung

Werksiedlung Renan

• Maincurtain made by our Article Curia 150
• Stagecurtains made by our Articles Ceneri and 1309 (Stage Duvetyne)
• Acousticcurtains made by the Article Solid by Création Baumann

New Visitor Center of the ornithological station Sempach

On behalf of Roesch Schreinerei AG

• Teasers made by our Articles 3626 (Liam) and 3518 (Trimming Cloth)
• Mini-Curtains made by our Article Ambri (Stage Velvet)

Designer's Saturday 2014

For the Company Schätti Leuchten - Designer: jörg boner productdesign

Lampshade made by our Article 9149, Tyvek

Monastry Church Bellelay

For the Company Haus am Gern

Installation "AIRE DE BELLELAY" made by our Article Yverdon, Stage Velvet

Exhibition «GELD. Jenseits von Gut und Böse» at the Stapferhaus Lenzburg

Scenography + Architecture: Rappaport GmbH, Pictures: Anita Affentranger

Curtains made by our Articles:
• 3610, Satin-Tschung
• 3605, Wuhan
• Delimoon
• GH 0217, Goblin Tulle

General Meeting Raiffeisen

Stageconzept Eventorganizor

Article 7462, Decoration Satin Polyester FR

Blackout Curtain

Unser Bier, Basel

Article 3610 Tschung, Trevira CS

Article Raimo

Permanently flame retardant

Curtains for sound protection

• Nursery School ETH

Article Ambri, Velours Trevira CS (inside duvetyne)

• Stöcklin Küchenmöbelfabrik AG on Inhouse Concept GmbH's behalf

Article Streamer Pro by Annette Douglas

Gabriela W. Concept Store

In collaboration with dittlidesign gmbh innenarchitektur_produkt_licht

Curtains made by our Article 3523, Decor Fabric

Shoppingcenter Glatt

On behalf of Peter Stenz - Atelier für Gestaltung

Decorative fabric lengths done with our Article 3610, Satin-Tschung and our Article QUEEN

Eulerstube Riehen

Acoustic curtains
Article Streamer Classic by Anette Douglas

Theater Zurich

Premier Theater Zurich

Schweizerische Mobiliar Nyon

Auftraggeber: Witzig The Office Compagny AG

Material: Dekomolton farbig